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Universe Management

Universe Management
The utility uses a standardized data model to represent client assets maintained in a universe of mastered data records whch reflect client business interests.
  • Monitoring

Standard monitoring functions are used to observe the process of acquiring, managing and publishing data

  • Searching

A standard browser-based Data Management Workstation UI delivers a collection of screens to search across a
universe of mastered data – filtering by name, identifier and other descriptive attributes

  • Data Lineage

The Bloomberg Data Management Utility provides complete data lineage details for all mastered data. Historical information is provided on all instruments in the universe. Both raw source and mastered data are archived and available for viewing

  • Exception Workflow Management

Exceptions that occur when processing business activities are collated in an exception workflow screen where they can be tracked and assigned as tasks for operators to resolve

  • Audited Golden Copy Creation

Cleansed golden copy data is manufactured and made available for publication

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