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Data Scrubbing

Data Scrubbing
The Bloomberg PolarLake Data Scrubbing Service provides a complete and proactive capability ranging from vendor feed measurements and observations through client defined business rules to repair and exception handling.
  • Data Quality Measurements & Observations applied over complete Vendor Data Sets (e.g. file size, syntax, format, currency distribution)
  • Data Quality Processing on individual records (syntax, bounded list, business rules) based on 19,000 Bloomberg PolarLake Data Quality rules
  • Data Validation carried out through the application of business rules selected from the Bloomberg PolarLake Rules Library and Client Specific Rules created to incorporate Client Processing DNA
  • Data Repair and Exception Handling processes carried out through the Bloomberg Data Management Workstation available to both Bloomberg PolarLake Data Operations staff and  Client Operations Staff
  • Complete Audit Trail and set of Operational Reports