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Position Data Management

Position Data Management
Bloomberg PolarLake provides a Managed Service solution which consolidates and stores Trades and Positions data from multiple sources across the firm covering all asset classes. Client business rules are applied to create Golden Copy outputs for consuming systems including Financial Reporting, Risk Reporting and Regulatory reporting. Incorporating Accounting Data enables Reconciliation of Trade Date with IBoR. Combined with access to the Bloomberg Polarlake Entity Data Service, the Trade Hub delivers Golden Copy Data Sets for use in Credit Risk/Counterparty management and reporting. Augmenting with the Bloomberg PolarLake Security Master, Pricing Master and Matching services delivers a complete set of supporting data including counterparty, SSI, currency codes and calendars.


Access to trade and position data stored in a single location


Data is managed through automated processes and by the Bloomberg PolarLake Data Operations Team. This ensures both the accuracy and timeliness of data.

Data Lineage and Audit Reporting

A complete audit trail is kept allowing access to data lineage information and data quality reporting

Financial Reporting, Risk Reporting, Regulatory Reporting – Golden Copy Data Sets

Through the application of client defined business rules specific Golden Copy data sets are manufactured and delivered to the relevant consuming systems in their required formats


Integrating Accounting data feeds  enable reconciliation processing

Credit Risk Management

Integrating Bloomberg PolarLake Entity Data Service enables the creation of Credit Risk golden copy sets


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